Beverly Modise

Founder and Managing Director

Beverly holds a Bsc degree in data mining and brings with her nine years of financial services sector experience. This experience spans data governance, credit risk and financial modelling. The power of data and its ability to improve the quality of people’s lives is of keen interest to Bev. She undeniably believes that data has the power to change the world and revolutionise how people view the possibilities brought on by data insights.

Outside of the endless possibilities of data, Bev is a firm believer in the power of family and is thankful daily for the support structure of her close-knit family. When Bev is not looking into the endless opportunities that data may bring, you can find her on the couch, binging on her favourite series.


Corné Nell


Corné is a qualified and registered tax practitioner and has 10 years tax compliance experience. Her qualifications include B.Com (Accounting), B.Com Hons (Financial Management), M Com (Taxation).
But what gets Corné going is being creative, finding creative ways of communicating and showing complex processes. She takes concepts and finds ways to communicate this in simple terms.

Although tax and numbers may appear to be what defines Corné, she is a mom of three boys, loves a glass of wine, a new recipe, travel, unicorns and of course her husband.